Monday, July 8, 2013

Superstar Focus: Buxom Dolly Full-On Lip Polish

LipglossBuxom Full-On Lip Polish in Dolly
   Here are my bare lips for reference
Disclaimer: No, I don't use any lip fillers or plumping products, I naturally have full lips.
Here are my lips with the gloss on:
Availability: This retails at $19.00 for  0.15 oz . This particular shade is exclusive to and physical Sephora locations. Overall, the Buxom Lip Polishes can be also be found at,, or at their physical locations/ Bare Escentuals boutiques.
Would I buy this again?: Yes
Notes: The last item in my Superstars box. A little reminder from a previous post on Buxom (because these are so similar to MAC Dazzleglass) - you get more than double the amount .15 oz vs 0.06 in a Dazzleglass for 50 cents less - and because the finish is so similar and I just flat out like these, I think they're seriously worth checking out! Plus I think the little pin-ups on the lipgloss packaging are really adorable.
While Sephora describes this color as a diamond/shimmering muted plum, I'd describe it as a dusty pink-ish mauve with a golden pearl. It goes on fairly sheer, but as you see from the photo, looks pretty on its own. I am an enormous fan of this color because it's pretty my my-lips-but-better. The first time I wore this I kept re-applying because it's just soooooo pretty! In addition to all that - I think while the glitter is so much fun it's nothing too crazy - making it appropriate enough to wear to school or work.
    In terms of texture, this is slightly tacky when worn alone and non-sticky when worn over a balm. This is something of a plumping gloss, and it does feel really tingly when worn on its own (I wouldn't go so far as to call the sensation uncomfortable, but you definitely feel a tingle) but if I wear it with a balm or a lipstick I feel the kind of sensation mint toothpaste would give you - the tingling is very slight and it kind of feels like a minty coolness (which makes sense because they use mint and cinnamon as the plumping agents). In terms of plumping, I don't feel it does too much, then again - I have pretty full lips to begin with. All that said, the scent, however, isn't minty at all. It's very sweet - kind of reminds me of a creme brulee - toasty and sweet but with a hint of something baked and cookie-like. I think it's rather tasty-smellin' but can be a touch too much for those of you that don't have much of a sweet tooth. Despite the yummy scent, this is totally unlflavored. I gotta say, I really appreciate that the flavor isn't minty because, although I really like that menthol-y sensation - the slight tingling and cooling, the scent of mint, peppermint especially, makes me nauseous - which probably would've made me really dislike the product.
        As you see from the above photos, this comes with a doe-foot applicator - I don't mind this one as it happens to be on the thinner side and isn't too spongey. :3 
     I definitely think that if you like Dazzleglass, or would like to try one but think they're expensive for the amount you get, these are definitely worth looking into :3 Although I will say, in MAC's favor - the Dazzleglasses seem to be more unique in color and glitter/gloss color combinations. But if you're looking for a nice, glittery color for every day, I'd go with the Buxom. :3 

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

Disclaimer: I paid for the lipstick, the lip gloss was part of the Sephora 500-point perk.

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