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CC Cream Review: Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme

Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme
Availability:This product is avaliable at Sephora (available at or physical stores) but you can also purchase one at It retails at $36 for a 1oz (30mL). 
Would I buy this?: I think I would
What is a CC cream? 
A most confusing item, CC creams seem to be the US market's answer to the Asian BB creams. Called CC for color or complexion correction these are billed as a "BB cream with skincare benefits" - at least some are, others claim it's the BB cream that has the benefits. CONFUSING! Now here's my rant about this nonsense (and why it's nonsense) - the Asian BB creams are tinted skincare items, multi-benefit balms that have botanicals in them to treat all kinds of skin concerns ranging from acne to brightness and anti-aging.  US BB creams are tinted moisturizers with built-in primers, some had an after-thought of skincare but were largely makeup items. So... what's CC? "Color-correction"? How? That's what baffles me; I understand color correction in terms of the color wheel. Green or yellow for redness, purple to counteract sallow tones, blue to add brightness to fair skintones. How in the world does a skin-colored item color correct? Do foundations color correct? No. I don't get it (but am open to an explanation if anyone reading this has one). Secondly, brightening or dark-spot correction isn't color correction... it's correction of darkness. Darkness isn't a color. >. > Marketing I tell ya, all marketing. Smh.  I decided to make myself a sample of this when the CC creams first started trickling into Sephora to see  for myself what all the buzz is about.

What is this particular balm? What is it supposed to do?
Here are the benefits as explained by
What it is:
A supercharged skincare multitasker with makeup benefits that brightens, protects, and perfects in one simple step. 

What it is formulated to do:
Get your daily dose of essential moisture, a protective antioxidant veil, and SPF defense to ward off environmental aggressors and counteract premature aging. Five sources of vitamin C and tripeptide-5 expertly blended with nourishing ceremides and sodium hyaloranate visibly reduce discoloration and fine lines while plumping and firming the look of skin. All whipped up in sheer illuminating coverage and a velvety nourishing texture that melts into skin to diffuse imperfections, skin clarity, resiliency, and radiance improve instantly and over time. 

What else you need to know:
This product instantly perfects the following: illuminates with light-reflecting pigments; diffuses flaws with sheer illuminating coverage; nourishes with sodium hyaluronate and ceramides; and protects with Broad Spectrum SPF 30. It corrects the following over time; brightens and fades dark spots with five sources of vitamin C; reduces redness and calms with green tea extract; minimizes the appearance of lines with tripeptide-5; and prevents free radical damage with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant.

Does this come in any other shades than the one pictured above?
This comes in an unfortunate 2 shades - Light and Medium. This makes me sad because I love it and dark-skinned beauties ought to have a nice CC cream to love as well. 

 What's the coverage/consistency like?
    The coverage is light to medium, leaning more towards the medium side unless you do a light layer. It can be layered to achieve a fuller-coverage but isn't a full-coverage product. I find that I need concealer along with this to cover up the more severe areas of eczema-related redness on my cheeks.
   The consistency is definitely lightweight. It feels just a wee bit sticky to the touch but doesn't make the skin feel sticky.
What makes this different from a regular foundation or tinted moisturizer? Does this have any beneficial ingredients in it?
Again, Sephora makes life easy by explaining the benefits so I don't have to :P
-Vitamin C: Brightens, supports natural collagen, firms, and provides antioxidant defense. 
-Tripeptide-5: Strengthens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. 
-Ferulic Acid: Provides antioxidant protection and environmental defense. 
-Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramides: Nourish and replenish moisture. 
-Light-reflecting Pigments: Provide sheer light to medium coverage and instant luminosity. 
-Broad Spectrum SPF 30: Provides UVA/UVB defense. 

Is this scented?
It has a real pleasant citrusy scent. I like it. :)
What has my experience with the product been like?
    I haven't used this super frequently or consistently but will review based on my experience so far. Let's start with the what it's supposed to do, shall we? 
 illuminates with light-reflecting pigments - Yes
diffuses flaws with sheer illuminating coverage - The coverage is a lot more than they're giving it credit for, it's not sheer and I LIKE that it's not sheer. It covers very well. That said, it covers flaws, it doesn't "diffuse" them.
nourishes with sodium hyaluronate and ceramides - It certainly feels hydrating on the skin.
protects with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - There is no immediate way for me to measure this
brightens and fades dark spots with five sources of vitamin C - it does brighten my skin when applied initially, over time, I cannot say
reduces redness and calms with green tea extract - I hope so, I would like that a lot
minimizes the appearance of lines with tripeptide-5 - I don't have fine lines that I notice, which means no one else notices them as well. Haha! Baby face. :P
prevents free radical damage with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant - Hell if I know? Again this isn't something you'll see immediately.
     Alright so, this has become my go-to when I want either a light foundation type of look or need to throw something on before I leave the house. I am always with a BB or CC cream on, if nothing else, because of the SPF and because I want coverage on my red eczema-ridden cheeks. The fact that these provide some moisture as well is an icing on the cake because the skin there can get chapped and flakey-lookin and that ain't cute. Now, normally, I dislike a glowing dewy finish, which this has, but it's so lovely I just can't help myself. I love it so much, it makes my skin look really healthy. It looks like I've been at the beach all day smiling and having a good ole time. Like that kind of glow. I dig it. It covers really, really well also and that makes me happy because I find the coverage on many BB/CC creams leaving something to be desired. In addition, this leaves my skin feeling pretty hydrated and happy even when I wash this off, and I like that. I happen to find that with the CC creams - they give me that sort of baby-butt softness that Asian BB creams tend to give me... but not as intense an effect, not as intense. :/   
What do I use to apply the product?
For quick application, I simply use my fingers to apply this.
When I want a more flawless application/when I apply a full-face of makeup I use a large domed kabuki brush (it's on a longer-handle and looks like the Sigma F82  rounded kabuki brush, although mine is from a no-name brand) 

I feel like this review is as thorough as it gets but please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

Disclaimer: I received this for consideration. I am not in any way given incentive to talk about the product on this here blog. Yolo. 

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